We’ll give you 10!

1. Confidence

As our customer you will feel at ease that the potential liability’s associated with the proper disposal of your used oil are eliminated. We take pride in our facilities. Each is designed and built with Environmental Awareness in mind. They are the cleanest and most modern in our industry. We set the standards.

2. Equipment

We always raise the bar! Our Fleet of New Combination trucks collects your used oil, used antifreeze, used filters, oily waters and spent absorbents all at the same time. It’s a one stop shop approach! We have no need for multiple service trucks entering your facility on different dates.

3. Taking that extra step

Ask yourself the following questions.

Does your current used oil collector pick up your oil on a timely basis but it seems like they never want to come back for the used oil filters?

Are they always blocking your bays and making a mess with many different service vehicles? Doesn’t this see inefficient?

Once you have answered these questions please call us so we can show you how you will never have to worry about overflowing drums of used oil filters again. After all we want your business to grow so we can grow right along with you. We believe Growth and Efficiency go hand and hand.

3. Same Day Service

No looking at a calendar with this company. Call us and we get it done. Let’s do it right the first time. Enough said.

4. $$$$$$$$$

With today’s trying times we understand how important it is to bring value as well as service to our customers. With out a shadow of a doubt we bring both to the table and always have.

5. We treat you like family

Our handpicked staff represents the foremost experts in our industry, from our collection truck drivers to our administrative & facility personal. They bring years of experience to the job of ensuring you’re that your service expectations are always met.

6. Regulations

Customers look to us for help interpreting the forever changing environmental regulations. We are always available to help you at no additional consulting cost. Our employees are very well versed and schooled in all regulations that apply to our industry. We also work very closely with the Federal, Local and State Agency’s. If you would like us to walk through your facility and make suggestions to assure compliance please do not hesitate to ask.

7. Do you change the oil in your own vehicle?

Please drop it off at one of our facilities. If you have 10 gallons or more of used motor we will even pay you a little something for your gas to bring it to us.

8. Professionalism

This is what we do and all we do. We demand a lot from our employees and they deliver.

9. Keeping the jobs local

We are an American company keeping jobs in the same states as our customers. Our employees may already be your customers.

10. Did I mention we are a USA Company keeping jobs in the same states as our customers?

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