About Synergy Recycling

The origins of our Company started back in the 1940’s just after the return of our troops from World War II. As Americans struggled to find work my grandfather took many part time jobs as a skilled glazier. While working at a glass factory in New Jersey he observed that they had trouble finding disposal methods for the oil that was used to cool glass before cutting. At this time the primary use for used oil was spraying it on roads to control dust. He felt this was a waste of a valuable resource that may be recycled. He worked at this facility for many years before saving enough money to purchase his first used oil collection truck. Through his connections in the glass industry he found a market that was interested in burning the used oil as an energy source. This would not only reduce our country’s need for the import of foreign oil but offer an environmental solution instead of improper disposal.

My grandfather had the vision that has driven our country’s entrepreneurial spirit to this day. His knowledge was passed down to my father and than on to me. I am proud of what being a third generation company represents. We have held true to a strong set of values that has awarded us the loyalty of over 4,000 customers throughout the states of Florida and Georgia. We keep Job’s Local and outsource nothing to foreign countries.

Ricky’s Oil joined our family last year. It was fit like no other. Ricky’s Oil has been in business since 1952. Chris Ricci serves as our president of our Southern Florida operations. Chris was taught the industry by his family and is also the 3rd generation in this industry.

Our Company holds strictly to its core values of honesty, trust and customer service. My grandfather understood the value relationships, recycling and protecting the environment. It is my responsibility to pass this knowledge on to the future generations. It’s about understanding the world around us and all of us joining together to do our part to protect it.


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